Stolen Dog Returns After 2 Years In Need Of Costly Surgery

Camille the Pit Bull disappeared in January 2019 after someone stole her from Emily Dansey’s property. Dansey had some guesses as to where the pup was, but she had no real evidence. So, for two whole years, the dog mom was heartbroken as she begged for the lost dog’s return.

Now, in early 2021, Camille has returned home. But it isn’t exactly the beautiful reunion Dansey was expecting. Camille sustained a lot of injuries and health problems during her time away. And Dansey desperately needs help paying off all the vet bills. She didn’t come this far to watch her best friend suffer, so she’s doing everything she can.

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Home at Last

Dansey feared the worst for poor Camille. Two years was a long time not to know where her furry friend was. But then she got a call from the Fluvanna SPCA, saying they found a dog that matched Camille’s description. So, Dansey went to the shelter’s website to see for herself.

“As soon as I saw her I knew. I had not one doubt,” Dansey said. “I found Camille. I’m going to get her.”

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But when Camille came home, it wasn’t the full happy ending Dansey had hoped for. Of course, Camille was thrilled to see Dansey and her kids, but the poor pup was also in a lot of pain.

“She didn’t look good. She was extremely dehydrated. She was found in a ditch where she had been apparently for two days. She has a broken leg. Her heart was enlarged,” Dansey said.

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Help Save Camille

Camille has already gotten some essential vet care, but she ultimately needs surgery. Her surgery will cost thousands of dollars, which Dansey just cannot afford right now. So, the family is planning to hold off until they can raise enough money.

“She has been given the OK for surgery, so now we’re waiting it out trying to raise the money to do it,” Dansey said.

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In the meantime, Camille is making up for lost time. She’s just as loving and playful as the family remembers. She has spent a lot of time playing with the kids since her return. Dansey hates seeing her in pain, so she hopes she can gather the money as soon as possible.

If you’d like to help fund Camille’s surgery, you can contact Virginia Vet Specialist at (434) 202-2987. Let them know that you’re making a donation for Camille. Every donation helps bring Camille closer to true happiness and comfort again.

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