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Haute Diggity Dog Muttini Bar Collection

The Muttini Bar Collection was created, because when it comes to your dog, it’s always Happy Hour! You’ll get a kick out of watching your furry buddy carry their beverage of choice around as they try to get to whatever’s inside. Floppy ears and all, this pet toy for dogs will provide picture perfect moments while providing a puppy chew toy your pooch will love! Bottom’s Up!

Best part yet – No I.D. Required! Your wet-nosed friend with paws will become the life of the party as everybody will want to raise their glasses or paws for salutations. Your pup will be barkin’, “Just put it on the tab guys, my human said it’s okay!” After a long day of barkin’ and sniffin’ butts, treat ’em right while you kick back and enjoy a cold one of your own.

You gotta fight, for the right,



How to Train Your Dog to Properly Use Plush Toy

Then Plush Toy Comes Out

Then Plush Toy Comes Out

Tug Toy Comes Out First

First bring out Shih Tzu’s favorite interactive dog toy or tug toy, but don’t let him have it until you give him the okay to take it. Play tug for a minute or so. Then put the tug toy away.

Then Plush Toy Comes Out

Then take out your favorite Haute Diggity Dog plush toy. Squeak it gently and treat it like a baby in your hands. Make it clear to your Pomeranian or Pug that it’s not okay to grab, bite or tug at it roughly. Any attempt to play rough with it or any grabbing without your “okay” gets a 5-seconds time out. Our plush toy goes away, then tug toy comes out as a reward for being nice to our plush toy. Repeat this cycle for 5-10 minutes.

Don’t Forget to Praise

When you’re done, let your Schnauzer or Doberman know before you put away the toys. Don’t forget to praise your Boxer enthusiastically for every good thing and re-instruct her for any slow responses.

The Original Parody Plush Dog Toy Company

Haute Diggity Dog is the original parody plush dog toy company. Launched in 2004 we developed a product line ranging from fashion designer bags to the latest cocktail craze. Our toys are original and fun, providing endless entertainment for your canine friends and great dinner conversation for those humans in your life too.

We are proud to deliver to homes across the globe unique dog toy products. Though we appreciate the everyday chew toy, fetch gadget, tennis ball, frisbee and squirrel derivation, we sought out to bring something different and eye catching to the dog toy landscape. We place great care and thought into the design and execution of each toy – quite frankly not all fine things in life deserve a proper parody.

Just check out our entire collection. You will be sure to find that perfect gift for your Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd and even the little Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) in your life. There is something for every four-legged friend. We have parody shoes, beverages, fashion forward handbags (or we like to say doggie purses), bones, interactive toys, beds and so much more. You and your dog deserve this much fun.

Collect them all!

Haute Diggity Dog Product Lines

Fashion Hound Collection

Pamper your beloved pup with the latest parody designer styles from the Haute Diggity Dog Fashion Hound Collection! The hottest fashion to hit the runways with 4 paws since the invention of the dog fashion show! Find parody designer purses, watches, shoes, and more for your pup to strut. Why not that Jimmy Chew Shoe Toy for the Chihuahua who needs to add several inches to their shimmy?

Muttini Bar Collection

The bar is open. Make sure your pooch is the life of the party with this collection of parody adult beverage dog toys. From dogtails such as Muttgaritas to bark shelf quality Johnnie Dogwalker Ruff Label, you’ll find something to raise your glasses to here. Grrrona beer is a French Bulldogs best friend after a hard day’s walk. Crack one open for them or hand over a LickCroix Barkling Water for that Golden Retriever who has had too much to drink. Cheers!

Yip Yip Hooray Collection

Time to celebrate? Christmas is here? Your lucky dog just turned one. Well we have the perfect line of celebratory gifts. We do cakes, drinks and gift boxes. German Shepherds drool over birthday cake. Can you blame them?

Starbarks and Wagnolia Bakery Collection

Every morning your dog is barkin’! Does your dog need a little pick me up? How about a treat? With the Starbarks snd Wagnolia Bakery product line, your Australian Shepherd or Corgi can indulge in a French Roast, Latte or Seasonal Spice beverage. And now you can finally enjoy your morning coffee too!

Water Bottle Collection

Dogs love the sound of a good crackle and our product line delivers and more. Ours crackles, crunches and squeaks! Call it the trifecta. Your lab is sure to pounce on these fellas.

Grab your favorite drink dog moms & dads and pose with your best pal’s beverage for hours of laughs
Unique brand parody makes it a fun gag gift for dog lovers & provides endless photo & video ops
Durable plush toys are best training tools to teach puppies not to chew & tear apart your valuables
Keep Canines Busy & Active: Lick it (eh!). Paw it. Throw it. Fetch it. Hide it. Just don’t stuff it!

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