Dog Chew Toys, CHOOBY Squeaky Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers, Indestructible Natural Rubber Dog Toothbrush Toys with 2 Cleaning Brush, Interactive Tough Durable Chew Toys for Medium Large Breed Dogs

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Product Description

dog toysdog toys

dog chew toysdog chew toys

large dog toys

large dog toys

dog toys for large dogs

dog toys for large dogs

squeaky dog toys

squeaky dog toys

Irresistible Squeak Toy

Dog toys have a built-in scream, which makes our dog chew toys more attractive to dogs. This is a better way to keep your dog away from boredom, anxiety and make it happy and mentally healthy.

Interactive Dog Toys

A perfect dog interactive toy that can promote your relationship with the dog and can train the dog.

Dog Dental Care

Our dog chew toys use natural rubber as raw material, which is soft and flexible enough to help dogs clean their teeth deeply and protect them from oral diseases. And help to form active chewing habits during the key growth stages of the dog.

dog chew toys for aggressive chewers large breeddog chew toys for aggressive chewers large breed

【It’s Your Dog, But You are It’s all】Most of the dog’s life is waiting for you to go home. When he is alone at home, he will feel lonely and anxious. As a result, they will make all kinds of actions that make you crazy, such as destroying furniture. CHOOBY crocodile dog chew toy can accompany him instead of you. For dogs, chewing is a very pleasant thing. On the other hand, chewing can relieve some of the dog’s fatigue and is a good way to reduce anxiety.
【Convenient and Effective Treatment of Dog’s Oral Problems】Our crocodile dog chew toy has a unique layered texture and squeaky design. You can apply toothpaste on both sides. When the dog chews, it can effectively clean the teeth and control the growth of tartar. Squeaky dog toys will make funny noises when chewed, creating a lasting attraction. This will help you simply solve the dog’s oral problems. Give your dog a bite of white and flawless teeth.
【Carefully Selected Materials】Our CHOOBY R&D team checked many data and finally selected this natural rubber as the raw material. At the same time, our team found that purple is more attractive to dogs and more likely to arouse their interest. Therefore, the CHOOBY crocodile-shaped tough dog toys was produced. Its durability has passed the Alaskan Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Labrador and many other challenging tests, and has been approved for medium/large breed dogs.
【Irresistible Impulse】Our dog chew tooth cleaning toy contains the delicious milk smell that dogs will love. You don’t need to worry that the dog will not be interested in it. And you can stuff some butter or peanut butter to add more interest. Comes with 2 cleaning brushes, which is convenient for you to clean the dog toothbrush chew toy after the dog chew.
【The Only Creature that Loves You More than Itself】The dog wants to follow you 24 hours a day. If you want to spend some time by yourself, our crocodile dog chew toys for aggressive chewers can help you, throw it to the dog, and then tell it ‘you go and play for a while, I want to keep quiet’, the dog can understand faster you mean.

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