CVALIN Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers Large Breed,Indestructible Bones Toy,Durable Cleaning Toothbrush Natural Rubber Dog Toys

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Dog Chew ToysDog Chew Toys

Chew ToysChew Toys


Daily cleaning is very convenient

This product is made of safe and harmless natural rubber material, which is strong and resistant to biting and easy to clean. Whether you use it to train your dog or play with your dog at home, once it gets dirty, you only need to rinse it with clean water, and it will not affect future use. The raised exterior design helps dogs clean their teeth when they bite and protect their teeth.

Aggressive Chewers Large Breed

Aggressive Chewers Large Breed

Indestructible Bones Toy

Indestructible Bones Toy

dog toys for aggressive chewers

dog toys for aggressive chewers

dog toys for large dogs

dog toys for large dogs

A good partner for outdoor play

When taking your dog to play outdoors, you can use this bone toy to train the dog’s recognition and hunting abilities, and spend a happy day with him.

A good tool for cleaning teeth

We have carefully designed this product to have a convex surface effect, which can effectively help dogs clean the dirt on their teeth and protect their teeth health.

The beef taste that dogs like

Rejecting the unpleasant rubber smell, we designed the product to resemble beef taste, which is more attractive to dogs, and let them like it.

Safe and harmless natural rubber material

Use high-quality natural rubber material, safe, non-toxic, sturdy and durable, so that dogs can bite at will without being easily damaged.

1. It is made of high-quality natural rubber material, which is safe and harmless, has a strong resistance to biting, and the indestructible material makes it very popular.
2. The shape of the bone makes almost all dogs fall in love with it. Unlike other products on the market, it is more interesting. The beefy taste makes it attractive to dogs and can train dogs’ hunting ability.
3. It has the function of cleaning teeth. The protruding part of the surface of the bone toy is a well-designed effect. When the dog chews it, it can effectively clean the dirt in the dog’s teeth, allowing the dog to grow up healthy.
4. It is large enough, so you don’t have to worry about your dog accidentally swallowing it and causing danger. At the same time, it is also easy to clean, suitable for your dog to play indoors and outdoors.
5. It will become a bridge of friendship between you and your dog, increasing the fun of your company when you are with each other, suitable for most medium-sized dogs, large dogs, heavy dogs and so on.

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